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To put it simply, we want to provide American grown beef and pork to American consumers in a way that is accountable and trustworthy and that puts the profits in the hands of American farmers.

   Crowley’s Ridge Meat Company was born in 2021, due to the need for a more effective means to get top quality farm raised proteins into the hands of the consumer without utilizing the monopolized meat packing industry.


   Lifelong friends, David and Brandon have spent the majority of their lives in different aspects of the livestock industry. As cattle producers, they have watched the decline of the cattle industry over the years. While the cattle market in this country continues its descent and retail beef prices continue to climb, they were determined to find an outside of the box market for the high quality animals they were already raising. With both being ranchers who were very proud of the animals they were producing, they decided to offer the finished meats directly to consumers. This allows CRMC to ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality and the best value to the consumer.




Brandon King was, as the saying so often goes, “raised in a barn.”


   Growing up in rural Poinsett County, Arkansas Brandon was surrounded by horses and cattle most of his life. In his teenage years Brandon worked for various horse trainers and cattlemen in the area which allowed him to learn different methods of animal husbandry and different perspectives on what makes a “good” animal. As an adult Brandon pursued a career off the farm but never gave up the vision of he and his wife watching their children grow up immersed in the same western lifestyle that he knew and loved throughout his life.


   After establishing his career Brandon began a small cattle operation in Greene County, Arkansas in which he strives to blend innovation with tried and true methods to provide the best atmosphere for his cattle to thrive. It is his belief that top quality genetics are the key to more profitable cattle and more enjoyable beef.


David grew up on a row crop and goat farm in Northeast Arkansas. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Arkansas State University. He later received his Master’s degree in Reproductive Physiology under the direction of Dr. Robert Godke at Louisiana State University.


The majority of David’s time at LSU was spent experimenting with semen freezing procedures in multiple species. David has served as a certified American Boer Goat judge since 2005.


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