Dry-aged for Ultimate Tenderness & Flavor!

Filling your freezer with a quarter, half, or whole side of beef?

Ordering “freezer beef” can be an intimidating experience for first timers, so let us explain a little about the process.

We raise the animals to what we call a “finished weight,” which is the point at which we believe the animals will have the optimal tenderness, marbling, and flavor. At this point, the beef has typically been pre-sold through our online store, and the customers are anxiously awaiting their freezer full of beef. We then make an appointment with a local processing facility, and notify the customers of this date. The butcher is provided a list of all customer orders, as well as contact information for each customer.

The animal is then partially processed or “dressed,” and the butcher provides us with the Hanging Weight or Rail Weight for each animal. The carcass is then moved into a cold storage room where it is temperature controlled for 14-21 days. This is called dry aging. It allows the meat to become more tender and flavorful as the moisture evaporates, and the natural enzymes in the beef begin to break down the muscle fibers. Once the dry aging process is complete, the butcher then assigns the correct portion of each carcass to a customer. The butcher then contacts each customer to arrange special requests, and to provide them with the exact hanging weight for their portion of beef.

The butcher then cuts the meat according to the given specifications, and vacuum seals all cuts in airtight packaging. This packaging method reduces freezer burn, and allows the meat to remain fresh for longer in the freezer.

Once this entire process is complete the butcher will give us a call, and we will begin to arrange delivery of the finished beef to each customer.


Please note that the hanging weight is not the exact weight of the beef that you will see in your freezer as the carcass still contains bone and fat that will have to be cut away.


*Free delivery only available to Jonesboro, AR addresses.

1/4 Side of Beef

$300 Deposit

$5/lb due upon delivery.


1/2 Side of Beef

$400 Deposit

$5/lb due upon delivery.


Whole Side of Beef

$500 Deposit

$5/lb due upon delivery.


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